Marian Ministry

The Marian Ministry meets monthly to develop programs honoring Mary to be held at the Parish throughout the year. If you would like to help as you deepen your devotion to Our Blessed Mother, Mary, please come to the Woodstown Parish Center on the third Monday of the month at 7pm. Contact: Lorraine Hnosko at 241-7571 or

Mission Statement

We of the Marian Ministry want to increase an awareness of and develop devotions to Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary – Our Mother and to share our knowledge of the many different devotions to Our Lady Mary with our parish family. We are convinced, without a doubt, that devotion to Our Lady is essentially joined with devotion to Jesus Christ, that it assures a firmness of conviction of faith in Him and His church.

We wish to assist Mary’s goal of bringing more souls to union with her Son, through and with her intercessions, for the greater glory of God the Father. We plan to accomplish this through education, special events and prayers for our community.