Scripture Study

There are several different Scripture and Bible Study Programs held at the Parish throughout the year. If you would like to study, reflect and deepen your love of the Word of God please join us.  Watch the bulletin for announcements on the different series presented during the fall and spring. Topics vary but always provide an excellent opportunity for study, discussion and fellowship.

Mission Statement
Scripture is God’s self-revelation to us, and He has shown himself to both “speak and act” for our benefit. As Catholics we are called to study the Word of God in the Holy Bible. Holy Spirit scripture study supports that directive by providing a setting for study, prayer, and learning through a welcoming, informal group where, through discussion we share what we have learned. As we study we ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The benefit of studying scripture is the opportunity to grow in faith and to become better witnesses of our Lord, Jesus Christ.