In order to be eligible to serve as a Godparent or confirmation sponsor, there are four conditions that must be met. They are:

*  you must have completed your 16th year of age;

*  you must have completed your own Christian initiation through the reception of the most Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Confirmation;

*  that, if you are married, you were married according to the laws and teachings of the Catholic Church; and

*  that you do all in your power to be a model of Catholic Christian living by faithfully participating in the worship of the Church community at Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days of obligation, that you properly support the work of the Church and that you exhibit your own sense of charity and social justice in how you live with and influence others.

If you can attest to meeting these requirements, then you can either contact the parish office and request a Certificate of Eligibility or download a copy from this site. You will sign the Certificate affirming that these conditions have been/are being met, and that you are prepared to assist the person sponsored in living the Christian life by your own actions, concern and encouragement. The Certificate will then be signed by either the Pastor or a Parochial Vicar, then be sealed with the parish seal and returned to you.

Guidelines for Good Godparenting