Stewardship of Treasure

Electronic Giving
The Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit provides Electronic Giving, or Parish Giving, as a simple, secure and convenient method for making contributions. The electronic giving option is being used by churches throughout the country and works in a similar way to online bill paying.

Electronic Giving is the process by which parishioners authorize their designated church contribution to be extracted from their bank account or credit card and deposited directly into the parish account. There is no fee for parishioners who choose this method and The Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit receives contributions even when the members are on vacation or away. Regular monthly reports are sent to the parish for accurate donor records and all banks and all credit cards are accepted. Parish Giving

You can sign up for Parish Giving by clicking on the Logo to the right. You will be directed to a secure web site where you will be asked to create an account and fill out a form. Once the completed form is submitted you will receive a welcome email. You may then log in to your account any time you wish and make changes as you see fit. You are in control of your Parish Giving account!

If you need more information or have any questions, please contact Teresa Ruehlicke at 478-2294 x 1002 or office@holyspiritwebl.rog

One of our stewardship commitments is a of our treasure.

Almost half of Jesus’ parables mention money or material possessions: the lost coin, the widow’s mite, the buried treasure in the field, the rich young man, and the Good Samaritan. Stewardship of treasure is about a need to give. Stewards are Christ-centered, recognizing that it is important to share what we have because all good things God has made are meant to be shared. It is how we give thanks to a loving God for the many blessings we have received. Giving is a faith response…the response of a faithful disciple.

In addition to our weekly collections in support of the parish, we take up second collections for a variety of special needs both in our parish community, in our Diocese and beyond.  Please click for our upcoming second collection schedule.

Collection Envelopes

If you would like to receive collection envelopes through the mail, please contact Teresa Ruehlicke at 478-2294 x 1002.

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