Feast of Pentecost — SHARE THE SPIRIT!
3rd Anniversary of the Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit

We celebrated the Feast of Pentecost with two masses; a Vigil of Pentecost in Mullica Hill and the Celebration of Pentecost in Woodstown.  A tent was erected for the Woodstown celebration that could hold 1,000 people and our parish Art and Environment team, led by Jomae Luciano and Anne Parmelee, created a space filled with Color, Symbol and Jubilee.  God provided a Wild Wind, giving us a real sense of the SPIRIT! Pentecost Celebration

In preparation for this event, lawn signs were given to parishioners to invite their neighbors and advertize our theme:  SHARE THE SPIRIT!  We also put magnetic signs on Fr. Larry Polansky’s and Fr. Tony DiBardino’s cars inviting folks to come and bring a friend!  Bobby DeMarzio and John Cuzzupe organized a “parking lot ministry” for both worship sites to WELCOME people from the moment they arrived and the Parish Staff acted as greeters.

 The music for both celebrations, under the direction of Jim Rementer, combined different members of the Parish Music Ministry.  Drums, horns, guitars, flutes and piano led us in giving praise to God.  Home-made Wine and home-made Bread was used for Eucharist to symbolize our participation in bringing the Body and Blood of Christ into the world today.  Beth Sinclair, Anita Tanzola and the members of the Auburn Road Winery provided these wonderful symbols for us. 

PentecostPeopleOur second annual ‘Parishioner of the Year Award” was presented at the Sunday Mass.  After polling the people of the parish, a decision was made to honor the following:

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  • Mrs. Faye McLaughlin (Woman of the Year)
  • Mr. J. Michael O’Connor (Man of the Year)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Helen Riggs (Family of the Year)

The Knights of Columbus from both the Mullica Hill and Woodstown councils provided a wonderful breakfast following Mass; a real and visible sign of our “coming together” for ministry! 

PentecostPancakezThis is year two, of a three year plan to help form our parish in basic areas of need.  During our first year we focused on Communication with and update to our Bulletin, development of a new website www.holyspiritweb.org, Facebook page and more. This year our efforts are on Collaboration; many coming together for the purpose of furthering the mission of Jesus.  Yvonne D’Amelio heads a team to forward this effort. Year three will bring us to identify our parish Culture or “how we do what we do”!  We are well on our way!