Social Justice Committee

Mission Statement

To raise awareness of social justice issues in today’s world and to provide means for our parish and our parishioners to address and support a social justice agenda consistent with the actions of Jesus and the teaching of our Catholic faith. We do this through education, charitable works, advocacy, and encouraged involvement. For more information, please contact Stacie Zak at

Roger Asselta

Peter Dodson

Katherine Golden

Lorraine and Bob LaMastro

Kate and Scott Patterson

Stacie Zak*

Message: – I have heard a story about a good man walking in a beautiful park where a large waterfall was one of the main attractions. As he stood looking in awe at the falls he sees a little baby falling in the water. He rushed to catch and save the child. Soon, another baby came falling down the waterfall, others saw him and came to his aid. The longer he stayed the more babies fell over the falls and the more good people came to assist. After a while someone in the crowd said: “it is important that we save these falling babies, but let’s send some people up to see where they are coming from and why they are in the waterfalls”. This story, in a nutshell, explains what a Catholic Social Justice Committee does: assisting where there is a need, but also trying to change what causes the need.

There are five areas where our action is directed:

  • Liturgy and Prayer
  • Direct Service
  • Global Solidarity
  • Catholic Formation
  • Legislative Advocacy

Our Committee will strive to keep a balance so that all of these areas of concern will be a part of our ministry and our invitation to the members of our parish.


Current Activities

You are also invited to participate in several other Parish Social Justice Activities. They include:
Serving meals to those in need at the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden
Providing transportation to Mass for a neighbor through Parishioners Helping Parishioners,
Donating diapers for the Diocese of Camden Catholic Charities Centers
Supporting the National Right to Life Program by participating in the Annual Car Raffle
Purchasing a Boscov’s Pass to support the Knights of Columbus charitable programs
More information about these activities can be found at the information desk or in the Bulletin.