Stewardship of Time

Time is God’s greatest gift to us, and we thank Him for this gift by using all of it wisely. True stewardship is not so much concerned with how much time you spend serving in parish ministries, as with how you spend every minute of every day.  Time is a limited resource, so we need to prioritize how we use it, which means putting the most important things first.  Our first priority should be our relationship with God —time spent in prayer and participating in the sacraments.  Our second priority should be our relationship with our family—time spent building a strong family unit filled with love and respect for life.  Our third priority should be our relationship with our parish and world community—time spent supporting others in their faith journeys and daily struggles.
The responsibilities of the Stewardship Committee include helping parishioners recognize their gifts of time, talent, and treasure, and to provide opportunities for utilizing their gifts in service to local and worldwide church communities.“