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Welcome to the Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit

Join us for worship
Saturdays 4:00pm in Mullica Hill
Sundays 8:30am in Woodstown and 10:30 am in Mullica Hill

We warmly welcome you to the Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit, a community formed in 2010 from the merged parishes of St. Ann’s, Holy Name of Jesus, and St. Joseph’s. We are a community of faith that thrives on the sacramental life of the Catholic faith. We invite you to be a full and active participant in this parish community: You Belong Here!

You are invited to take part in any ministry that interests you. The people are the church, and as the people of God, we are doing our best to be a welcoming community living out the gospel message in our lives. Your participation in our parish will enrich your faith life and the faith lives of all those who worship here. Feel free to contact any member of our Staff to assist you in any way that we can.

Events in the next 24 hours

rebuilt FAITH Review

If you have finished reading the inspiring book, “rebuilt FAITH, a Handbook for skeptical Catholics”, please join us to share your thoughts and unpack how the lesson reflections might help guide our direction.

Holy Week Service Schedule

Holy Week is the most significant week for Catholics. Spanning from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday, it marks the final stretch before Easter Sunday, the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection. During this sacred week Catholics pray and reflect on the profound journey of Jesus’ suffering, death and Resurrection.

Holy Thursday Foot Washing

It is with great pleasure and humility that I extend to you this invitation to participate in the Holy Thursday foot washing ritual. As we prepare to commemorate the Last Supper, an event of profound significance in the Christian tradition, we are called to emulate...

Dying to Self

Dying to Oneself is at the heart of Lent. We tend to want things on our own terms, not God’s. To Live for God, we need to learn to let go of our self-centeredness and follow the guidance that God has provided us.

Healing our Pride

If you were to write a letter to yourself from the voice of God, what would He say about you? What would He say about your attitude, relationships, challenges, worries, hopes, and dreams? Is your self image of yourself interfering with your ability to let God lead you?

Work & Rest

As we continue our Lenten Message Series on “needy”, Father Michael will take a look at two needs that God wants us to balance in our busy lives – Work & Rest.

Rebuilt Faith Blog Series

Follow Fr Michael’s Blog during Lent.


It is ironic that the one thing we need most in our life is God, yet He is the one that many times we never give a second thought. We say, “I don’t need God, I can manage this myself,” only to discover that we couldn’t.

Lenten Message Series

Spirituality 101 is this: there is a God and it is not you. As human beings, we are creatures; God is the Creator, and we are the created. This means that we are not entirely self-sufficient, but we have needs that are outside ourselves.

Become a walking Disciple of CCHS

Hoodies. T-Shirts, Polos, Hats and more. Available in many different sizes and colors.  You can order them with one of the following three logos: 

  1. Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit
  2. Spirit Alive
  3. CCHS

The CCHS storefront is managed by Skidoh, a Mullica Hill company owned by one of our own Parishioners.

Show your pride in being a member of our Parish.

Our Mission asks us to Worship our God, Love One Another, and Inspire Discipleship.  By simply wearing the logos of our church on your apparel, you are shouting out loud and clear that: you Worship and love our God; you love the other members of our Parish; and you are inviting others to join us in worship.

As the “rebuilt Faith” handbook describes it, show your love for God in a simple, clear and obvious manner.  What could be simpler then proudly honoring the church you love by wearing its name on your chest.

Order your CCHS apparel today.

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