Holy Spirit Youth Ministry

Our youth group is for students from 6th to 12th grade. It’s a place where they can connect with Jesus, enjoy a message for their growing faith, have a conversation with other friends, play meaningful games and have fun. 

Youth Group Registration Form (grade 6-12)
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Please note that the information on this form is for the sole use of the parish leadership and is not available to any other individuals or groups. This means that we will not disclose any of the following information to another individual without your permission.

Youth's Name
Grade this coming fall
T-Shirt Size (Adult Sizes)
Cellphone number
Parent's/Guardian's Name
Parent's Address
e.g. asthma or epilepsy
e.g. physical disabilities, Autism, ASD, ADHD

Parents/guardians of participants are advised that photographs or videotape of participants may be used in publications, websites or other materials produced from time to time by the Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit. (Participants would not be identified, however, without specific written consent.) Parents/guardians who do not wish their child(ren) to be photographed or filmed should so notify the Parish in writing. Please note that the Parish has no control over the use of photographs or film taken by media that may be covering events in which your child participates. By signing, I agree to the holding of this information and understand the Parish will not pass information onto third parties without prior permission. The information I have provided is correct as of the date signed.