Our Evangelization Committee focuses on reaching out to bring Catholic members of the community back into relationship with the Parish. The committee meets once a month and participates in various community events. For more information on the committee or to join the committee  please contact Fr. Joseph Pham fr.joseph@officeadmin

Pope Benedict XVI has said that the New Evangelization is simply showing others “the art of living” as authentic Catholic Christians in the world today. 
The four parts include:

1. Conversion

Through conversion, we look at our lives, and then with an open heart, we allow God to change us.  We change our perspectives and how we see the world, and we make God a priority.  We pray more, study more, and reflect more.

2. The Kingdom
of God

We help others to know God.  We invite them to experience God in the Mass, in the words of Scripture, and in everyday life.

3. Jesus Christ

It is through Christ that we are able to begin to comprehend the fullness of God.  Christ is the path that gives meaning to our lives.  He gave us the sacraments which lead us to the Father, and fill us with the graces we need  on our journey.

4. Eternal Life

Our ultimate goal is to be reunited with God for all eternity.  It is important that we help others understand this goal.

 Diocese of Camden
Vision Statement for Evangelization

“We will – with Jesus living in us and inspired by the Holy Spirit – reach out with love:
to proclaim the truths that save,
to welcome back those who have left our family of faith
and to invite those with no current church affiliation to explore
the beauty and power of the Catholic faith.”

“We want to make it clear that evangelization means something special for us as Catholics. We can see what it means by looking at what happens to evangelized people. Not only are they related to Jesus by accepting His Gospel and receiving His Spirit; even more, their lives are changed by becoming disciples, that is, participants in the Church, celebrating God’s love in worship and serving others as Jesus did.” USCCB, Go and Make Disciples, 25, 1990