Lenten Message Series

February 14, 2024


Spirituality 101 is this: there is a God and it is not you. As human beings, we are creatures; God is the Creator, and we are the created. This means that we are not entirely self-sufficient, but we have needs that are outside ourselves. To grow in relationship with God and others requires that we accept the reality of those needs and that we learn to meet those needs well. Through the course of this series, we will look at some of our basic needs and how God instructs us to meet those needs for more successful living. 

Lenten Message Series:

Week 1: February 18 – Father Joe will introduce you to the “needy” message series by explaining why we need God.

Week 2: February 25 – Deacon Bob will challenge us to understand that our greatest need is for God.

Week 3: March 3- Father Michael will explain why we need work, and we need rest.

Week 4: March 10- Father Joe will review our need for Healing and for a Savior.

Week 5: March 17 – Deacon Bob will let us know why we must surrender/die to ourselves in order to gain the life God wants to give us.

Week 6: March 24 – As we enter into the holiest of weeks, Father Michael will guide us how to embrace our needs.

 Mass Schedules: 

  • Saturday – 4:00 PM Mullica Hill Parish Center
  • Sunday – 8:30 AM Woodstown Parish Center
  • Sunday – 10:30 AM Mullica Hill Parish Center 

Please join us this Lenten season to hear the word of God, and what you will “need” to grow your relationship with God. God instructs us that when we meet these needs, we will experience a more successful life. 

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