Advent Message Series – Week 3

December 12, 2023

Now that you know that God has secrets, what are you going to do about it?  Fortunately, God tells us what we should be doing with his secrets.

We are chosen to be messengers (a.k.a. prophets) for God, like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses, John the Baptist and others.  We are called to proclaim the Gospel about the Kingdom of Heaven just like the original Apostles.

Join us this weekend for the third edition of our Advent Message Series, where Deacon Bob Fanelli will share with us what God wants us to do with his secrets.

Sat Dec 16 – 4:00PM – Mullica Hill Parish Center

Sun Dec 17 – 8:30AM – Woodstown Parish Center

Sun Dec 17 – 10:30 AM – Mullica Hill Parish Center

Please join us and bring a neighbor and friend.

Do not be afraid to embrace the secret identity God reveals to you, and in everything you do, let it be for the praise and glory of God our Father and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.