Friday, March 8, 2024 – Day 24

March 8, 2024

When people look at the signs that are located at the entrance to the the Mullica Hill and Woodstown Parish Centers, they see a message. The message says, You Belong Here! We really mean it! Since I arrived in 2019, there hasn’t been a dairy that I personally have not felt I belong here. I belong here. 

Most of our parishioner’s experience of belonging here is the weekend Mass experience. As a community of faith, we gather to praise and worship our God. There is more needed to support the experience. Michael White and Tom Corcoran share their parish recognition of the importance of small groups coming together as friends in faith. You belong here means you belong in a small group too!

There are nearly 200 copies of Rebuilt Faith: A Handbook for Skeptical Catholics out in the parish this Lent. Likely, the book is being shared by married couples and other family members. Maybe some are discussing the book! Hmmm, the beginning of a small group?

The plan of our Core Leadership Team is to follow up with the readers and reflecting readers of the book after Easter. Small groups are a part of the vision of Spirit Alive. Stay tuned! You belong here!

Think about these questions:

Who are the people who sharpen you and help you grow? Are they people who help you grow in faith? 

Do you have close friends with whom you can share both the Gospel and what is happening in your life? 

Of the three reasons given for joining a small group (friends in faith, encouragement from others’ faith, and conversion), which one most appeals to you?

I absolutely love the moments when I share faith with members of the parish. During Lent, the Wednesday home Masses lend that opportunity. Instead of a “preached homily,” the group shares faith! Moments of ongoing conversation and ongoing conversion. And usually, the after-Mass food and drink is great!