Liturgy Committee – New Members Needed!

July 25, 2023

~ No experience necessary ~

Following the guidelines of liturgical documents, members of this committee select prayers, develop rituals, and compose guides that are used at our Sunday Masses and other special liturgical services throughout the year. Some examples:

 ♦ Choose the intentions for the Prayer of the Faithful

 ♦ Suggest when to do special blessings (for ministries, Anointing of the Sick, etc.)

 ♦ Compose the Ordos used at Sunday and Holy Day Masses, etc.

Full committee meets once a month, as needed (except for June, July & December). Planning committees meet once every 6-8 weeks per the liturgy planning schedule.

Come learn more about liturgy!

If you are feeling called to participate in this way, or for more information, please contact Gina Abbott at or 856-478-2294 x2003.