Saturday, February 24, 2024 – Day 11

February 24, 2024

“Growing to become like Jesus means we look to serve those in need.”

This is the introductory sentence to today’s reflection. We are called to serve the needy in our midst. I remember two and a half years ago when the Mullica Hill area was hit by a tornado. It devastated neighborhoods and turned many lives upside down. Most waking up on September 1st never imagined what would happen later that day. 

Immediately, the local community and the parish served those in need with different ways. Some helped with debris, others with personal belongings. Many offered financial help and prayers. People didn’t give a second thought to serve. 

The reflection questions offered by Michael White and Tom Corcoran helped me to be reminded of the world around me and my call to serve those in need. They posed these questions:

Does serving people in need because of faith in Jesus inspire you, or do you find serving others to be more challenging? 

Are you more inclined to serve people directly or eliminate the larger issues that cause poverty? Why is it important to keep both approaches in mind when serving people in need? 

What are the opportunities around you to serve those in need right now?

After the September 1st tornado, I was so inspired by the parish community finding ways to help members of the Mullica Hill community. 

On a personal note, our community has been a blessing to me in my cancer journey. Whether it is prayer, cards, words of support, offer of transportation, or a hug … all ways to serve someone in need. 

We have a very active social justice team that serves the needs of those struggling. Did you notice the recent shoe drive? We also have the St. Vincent de Paul Society that helps families with financial insecurity. They offered food and sometimes financial assistance. These two groups not only serve, and also offer dignity. We are blessed.