Saturday, March 16, 2024 – Day 32

March 16, 2024

As we begin this weekend, once again our Lenten Message Series and the reflection for Day 32 seem to interconnect. Deacon Bob will highlight the need to “die to ourselves” in order to live for God.   The reflection today, in this week of practice and prayers, is To Give Thanks. In other words, I need to die to my self-centeredness and self-promotion and focus on God’s many blessings in life. I need to live for God. Today, I am reminded to have an “attitude of gratitude.”  Give thanks!

“Just as you thank someone for past support before asking for another favor, it’s important to thank God for his blessings before looking for further help.” Honestly, I think one of the most frequent phrases I use as a person and my role as a pastor is, “thank you.”  It can be just a two-word check box but must be a heart-felt expression of gratitude. I can witness it’s benefits since my arrival at CCHS. My gratitude comes from the depths of my spirit. 

These reflection questions offered by Michael White and Tom Corcoran once again remind be of an essential connect to the weekend, and daily, Mass experience we have at CCHS. The authors say, “While it is referred to by many different names—the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, the Breaking of Bread—the proper title for the Mass is the Eucharist. The New Testament was written in Greek, and the Greek noun Eucharist—meaning “thanksgiving”—as well as the verb Eucharistasis—meaning “give thanks”—is found multiple times.”

As a priest, to preside at Eucharist, it can’t get any better than that … giving thanks to God offering His Son so I can have life. 

Over the last twenty-four hours, what is something in creation you witnessed that you can thank God for? 

When have you felt grateful for Jesus’s death on the Cross? What is a struggle you are currently facing? 

What might God want to grow in your character through this struggle?

God touches us in so many life giving ways throughout the day. Just in the last few hours, taking a walk with Lucy as she sniffed the new life of springtime blossoming … and a few other things too. The clouds are overcast with rain possibilities, the air is light and breezy, and the temperature is a balmy seventy degrees. God has blessed us with a wonderful garden called Mother Earth. Thank you, God!

Most know I have journeyed with oral cancer for the last four years. Some would call it a cross. Some have asked, “why you?” I’ve be so grateful to Jesus on the Cross because it has made my little cross more bearable and understandable. Why me? Why not me?  Just as Jesus was aided by Simon of Cyrene to carry the Cross, I’m blessed with many who have aided me with my crosses. It gets back to giving thanks. Thank you, Jesus!