Saturday, March 9, 2024 – Day 25

March 9, 2024

Relationships would be easy if it wasn’t for people.  I think we can all relate to that statement. Sometimes, when I’m walking Lucy (my dog), someone will say, “I love dogs, people not so much.”  I chuckle, but maybe they’re serious?

I’ve been reminded in this 40 day journey that Jesus turns the norm upside down at almost every pass. The Golden Rule is so contrary to the messages spewed by so many leaders today. I love the image of de-escalating an incident with mercy. How sensible! So different from what we are witnessing. 

The questions Michael White and Tom Corcoran are posing really challenge self-reflection:

Is there someone you are struggling to get along with right now? What would it look like to apply the Golden Rule to that relationship? 

Who are the people helping you to process struggles with others? Whom do you help? 

How would having a small Christian community help you grow to be a better person in the roles you play?

Of course there are some people who I find challenging. Right now, there are a few people that drain me with their neediness. It seems that they are not satisfied with any help offered. I process that with some who are very close to me. It gives me perspective. I don’t have to force a drama-free relationship, but with compassion and mercy (the Golden Rule), I don’t need to be drained. After 70 years, I’m stilling working on this one!