Sunday, March 3, 2024 – Third Sunday of Lent – Day 19

March 3, 2024

I think I can be a tight wad. Like Tom Corcoran, I sometimes rationalize my giving of time and talent and treasure as adequate. I easily rationalize giving from my surplus. This reflection really challenges me. If I was sitting near Jesus as he observed the widow giving so much, I would feel ashamed. 

Interestingly, I do sit there. I’m aware of my challenge to reflect on where my treasure is offered. On the weekends, as the basket is passed, I know there are those giving from surplus and givers from their want. Where am I in that?

Michael White and Tom Corcoran offer these reflection questions:

Have you ever felt prompted by God to give? How did you react? What was the result? 

How does the concept of giving as worship change your approach to worship? 

What is your reaction to the four Ps of giving? Does it make sense? Are you likely to implement it?

Yes, I have been prompted by God to give. When I have been receptive to the prompting, I have always felt closer to God. The four Ps are a great formula and worth considering. Like starting an exercise program, they suggest starting with a manageable goal. I did some calculations as part of my reflection. I’m below the Biblical tithe, but ahead of where I thought. Intentional giving … I need to adopt the four Ps going forward.  Starting March 3 … today.