Thursday, February 29, 2024 – Day 16

February 29, 2024

Like most, I worry too. At one point in my life, someone said I have a tendency to worry about not worrying. What were my worries? Financial security…yes, even priests worry about money. Another worry was health … a sore throat was a catastrophic precursor! 

Over the years, I worry much less. I think age has brought a greater sense of the needless worry. I’m more appreciative of those around me who have far greater worries like providing for their children. Worry is useless and unhealthy. The authors of Rebuilt Faith: A Handbook for Skeptical Catholics pose these reflection questions:

On a scale of one to five, how much do you worry about money? (Five means you worry all the time and one means barely ever.) Why did you place yourself where you did on the scale? 

What, specifically, are you worrying about currently? What do you worry about consistently? How can you seek God and his will in the situations that cause you worry? 

How might God want to provide a solution for you?

I think I worry about money a little less than most people. I would give myself a 3. My money worries were earlier in life. I think those worries never materialized and now I’m more in tune with handing those worries over to God. 

In the back of my head is some worry about my six-month CT scan coming up in mid-March. This is the longest time between scans. Still, with some underlying worry, I hand this over to God. 

I am reminded of what the authors write: “God loves us, so God gives to us.” I’m blessed that God has given me so much in life … particularly four years of life after a cancer diagnosis. In gratitude, I should give back.