Tuesday, February 27, 2024 – Day 14

February 27, 2024

Tom Corcoran: “Tom, you know you don’t have to do this; you get to do this.”

I think that one statement sums up the week reflecting on Serve. The authors go on to “You get to serve the Lord and his people. It is the privilege of a lifetime.”

Over the years, I’ve witnessed many different attitudes and approaches to serve the Lord in the parish.  For some it’s a favor to the pastors, and for some it’s a burden and seems like a life sentence. Though some approach service in those ways, many have a servant’s heart. Those servants make the difference and inspire others to serve.  Our mission statement actually says that: inspire discipleship. 

You and I get to do this.

Michael White and Tom Corcoran offer these reflection questions today:

Considering today’s challenge, what one action step do you need to take to strengthen your commitment to serving others? 

In what ways do you need to guard your heart against poor attitudes about service? 

After spending a week on the first of our STEPS, serve, why would you say it is a privilege to serve God and his purposes?

For me, I need to avoid being discouraged or fall prey to feelings of not being appreciated. As we unfold Spirit Alive with all its anchors, there will be times when I think it’s going to slowly or even backwards. There are times when there will be voices that can be ambivalent or even negative about our vision. The older brother in the Prodigal Son story resented his father’s approach to his ‘’prodigal” brother. I wonder if a few weeks later they reconciled. I hope so. 

Not only is it a privilege to serve, but a gift. I imagine most parents feels the same way serving their family. I imagine most children feels the same way when caring for an elderly parent. For me, serving the CCHS is a privilege and a gift. I am grateful. 

Congratulations on week two … Serve. Coming up in week three … Tithe and Give.