We Need Work and Rest

March 1, 2024

I hope you had a wonderful leap day! And now March is here. This weekend we continue our homilies as a message series entitled  Needy. Fr. Joey started off with God is God and we are not. Deacon Bob preached that we need God, God will provide. This weekend, I will preach about the need for work and rest. 

By providing us with the Ten Commandants, God gives us a model for balancing the rhythm of work & rest. For many, you’ll get this message when you get home from a busy day working, and the weekend is here to get some rest. For Others you will be working. We have very busy lives. God shows us a balance, a rhythm for healthy successful living.  

Take some time this weekend to come together and worship and praise God. Bring a friend, bring your family. Mass in Woodstown is 8:30 Sunday morning … and this weekend stay around … Spirit Café is open in Woodstown ! Mass in Mullica Hill is 4 pm on Saturday and 1030 am on Sunday … Spirit Café will be open next Sunday after Mass in Mullica Hill. 

Not only do you need to be here, you belong here. Get some rest, see you this weekend. God bless you.