Wednesday, February 28, 2024 – Day 15

February 28, 2024

Can you believe it, we’re starting week 3, day 15!  The authors really provoked reflection on the first letter of the acronym STEPS. I pray I grow a deeper Servant heart. Now, they take us for a week on the letter T. 

God loves, so God gives. It’s such a brief phrase repeated with examples of God’s generosity. Last week, I was taking Lucy (my dog) out to do her business before bedtime. She likes to savor the moment smelling the grass and checking the trees. I sometimes have my nose in my iPhone, but that night. I couldn’t help but see the beautiful stars light years away. What a magnificent cosmos. Today, it hits me how generous our God is with humanity. I need to be more aware of that generosity. 

The questions today are getting me focused on the letter T: Tithe and Give

Do you find it easy to believe that God is generous? Why or why not? 

What gifts has God given you recently? 

What do you have in abundance that you could share with others?

I do find it easy to believe in a generous God. Everyday, I’m given the gift of life with a free will to go out into the world. God’s generosity gave me the gift of life 70 years ago. God renewed the gift when I was held up with a gun in 1993. God again, so generously renewed the gift over the last four years with my cancer journey. Oh yes, I believe!

Recently, God has generously given me more perspective and patience. Maybe it’s wisdom with age? It’s definitely God’s generous Spirit. I think that can be shared with those who I encounter. Presently I am sharing that with 16 men who are studying to be permanent Deacons. I’m helping them to open the gift to preach. What a blessing for me.